Things change through technology

The evolution of the technology has increased the use of the mobile phones to such an extent that the mobile phones with the latest features are being called smart phones. Nowadays the smart phones are being used for not only sending and receiving the SMS but also as a means to access the internet, means of entertainment, and audio and video recording. There are basically two types of mobile applications, one is the general application and the other is the customized application. The customized application are being used for multiple purposes including marketing, collecting and presenting the statistical data, casting the votes and even chatting.

Things change through technology

The mobile devices could be of three types. One is mobile phones, enterprise digital assistants and digital assistants. The resource of this kind of devices is limited. The devices require low power. The mobile application development is the procedure of designing the software for these kinds of devices. Most of the mobile application developers have the caliber of designing applications pertaining to the utility software, customized games and even the customized applications for business.

The process developing the software for mobile application starts with the use of the platforms that vary from brand to brand of the mobile phone.

Some of the platforms that are commonly used in the market for designing and developing the mobile applications include the Windows, BREW, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Symbian.

The devices and the programming languages vary from platform to platform. The application developer can develop application depending upon the category, field and the utility. Some of the prominent categories include search tool, utilities, banking, social networking, weather, entertainment, business, multimedia and finance. It’s ok, if at first you can’t understand how to develop and promote mobile apps. You can consult with app review service about the success of such a project and about the investments that will be needed to promote the application.

Ever since the mobile phones have been designed to access the internet, the mobile phones have evolved to be known as smart phones. With the smart phone selling in large numbers the requirement of the customers or clients is also increasing. To meet those requirements it is better for the business identities to get a special mobile application developed. Every brand and platform has a unique SDK with the help of which a platform specific mobile application can be developed.

When the mobile application is being developed a specific set of rules and regulations has to be complied with. These rules and regulations depend on the security of the software, usability of the application, its functionality and the issues pertaining to performance.

Some of the main steps to be followed for an unmatched mobile application are as follows:

  • The first step is to first collect the requirements of the customer and the second step is to conduct a preliminary study of the application. After this follows the creation of either the functional requirement of the document (FRS) or non functional requirement of the document. (Non FRS)
  • The criteria that need to be clearly defined include the application function, inputs needed for the purpose of marketing, and the phases of the application development.
  • The interface developed by the designer should be not only user friendly but also attractive. The two kinds of orientations namely landscape and portrait should be supported by the application. The application should be designed in such a way that it gets adjusted to the requirement of the application user and also scalable.
  • There are different smart phone devices like Android, iPhones and Windows Phone. It depends on the application owner as to on which device he/she wants the application to be exhibited. The application is going to be designed on the basis of this requirement of the application owner.